Affirmations for the Month

What you think you become. What you feel you attract.

Our affirmations for the month are memorable personal prayers that you can use daily. The affirmations are provided by Unity's Daily Word® Magazine and read aloud in Silent Unity Chapel prayer services.


Affirmations for June:

Inner peace: I am peace at the core of my being.

Guidance: I listen to inner wisdom, and I am guided to live my purpose.

Healing: Healing energy flows throughout my being, renewing my mind and body.

Prosperity: God is my source. Freely I give, and freely I receive.

World Peace: My thoughts, words and actions create a space for peace and love..


Affirmations for July:

Inner peace: Peace is my center. I am calm and serene.

Guidance: I shine the light of divine wisdom from within to guide my every step.

Healing: My body is a vessel of life and energy.

Prosperity: The rich blessings of divine abundance flow to me and through me. I am prosperous.

World Peace: I bless the world with thoughts of unity and harmony.


Affirmations for August:

Inner peace: With each beat of my heart, I relax into peace.

Guidance: I am divinely guided step-by-step to a new and fulfilling life.

Healing: The healing power of divine life within strengthens and revitalizes me.

Prosperity: I am connected to infinite, abundant spiritual supply.

World Peace: I express divine love and affirm peace and harmony for all.


Affirmations for September:

Inner peace: Peace is mine as I still myself in spiritual silence.

Guidance: The light of divine wisdom guides my every step.

Healing: Every thought of God-Life strengthens and heals me.

Prosperity: I live expectantly, gratefully, abundantly.

World Peace: My thoughts, words, and actions contribute to a peaceful world.


Affirmations for October:

Inner peace: Peace. Peace. Pease is my true nature.

Guidance: Centered in Divine Wisdom, I truest my inner knowing.

Healing: I celebrate ever-flowing vitality in my body and my life.

Prosperity: My mind is one with God-Mind, in which everything is possible.

World Peace: Centered in Christ consciousness, I am the light of the world.