Affirmations for the Month

What you think you become. What you feel you attract.

Our affirmations for the month are memorable personal prayers that you can use daily.

The affirmations are provided by Unity's Daily Word® Magazine and read aloud in Silent Unity Chapel prayer services.


Affirmations for January:

Inner Peace: Peace flows like a river throughout my being.

Harmony: I am the harmonious action of divine love.

Wholeness: Every part of my body, mind, and spirit celebrates divine life.

Prosperity: In gratitude, I see abundant blessings and possibilities.

World Peace: My every prayerful thought blesses the world with peace.


Affirmations for February:

Inner Peace: Divine peace flows in my mind and my heart.

Wisdom: Centered in divine wisdom, I trust the whispers of Truth.

Wholeness: One with God, I choose life, wholeness, and well-being.

Strength: God is my strength; I am steadfast and courageous.

Blessing: Awakened in divine love, I am a blessing.


Affirmations for March:

Inner Peace: In the stillness of this moment, I am peace.

Understanding: One with divine mind, I realize infinite potential.

Wholeness: All of divine life is present where I am.

Prosperity: All that can be, can be in divine abundance.

Oneness: I open my heart in oneness with all people.