Affirmations for the Month

What you think you become. What you feel you attract.

Our affirmations for the month are memorable personal prayers that you can use daily.

The affirmations are provided by Unity's Daily Word® Magazine and read aloud in Silent Unity Chapel prayer services.


Affirmations for January:

Inner Peace: Peace fills me as I center myself in divine love.

Guidance: I walk in faith, guided by my inner light.

Healing: The healing power of God flows through my body. I am whole.

Prosperity: I am open and receptive to infinite abundance.

World Peace: I hold a vision of peace for the entire world.

Affirmations for February:

Inner Peace: I relax and breathe in the peace of God.

Guidance: As a creation of fivine love and wisdom, I am guided in all that I do.

Healing: My body is energized by the healing life of Spirit.

Prosperity: I am a channel for the flow of abundance.

World Peace: Open to infinite love, I practice peace.