What to Expect

Circle of people of various races placing their hands upon each others hands.

What to expect when visiting the Unity Spiritual Center:

During this pandemic we feel it is critically important to continue to be as safe as possible. We comply with all State regulations and recommendations. And we also address any feedback we receive concerning how we are handling this very significant health issue.

Presently, we are open for all normal activities. We are maintaining office hours and the Friday Lunchtime Chat with Sandy which are listed on the Calendar. These activities naturally involve a limited number of people and social distancing and other measures are in effect.

We certainly do welcome anyone who wishes to visit during office hours and during the lunchtime chat. We have face masks on hand for those who arrive without a mask and a no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser. Chairs within the common area of the center are spaced 3 feet apart to support social distancing. Signs are posted at the entrance and within the center with reminders about health and necessary precautions.

Please contact us ahead of time if you have any questions about visiting the Unity Spiritual Center during office hours or for the Friday Lunchtime Chat with Sandy. Read below for what is happening with our Sunday Services.

Our response to COVID-19 and the pandemic:

We conducted a survey of our members and friends in order to get feedback on the impact and the concerns that arose. We greatly appreciate that feedback and always welcome additional input from you. We are acting with that information in mind.

Prior to COVID-19, our Sunday Services were held at 10:00 AM in a casual atmosphere with live music, singing and a message from Sandy, our Licensed Unity Teacher, or other special guests. The Service was followed by a social hour - fellowship with food and beverages.

During the pandemic we were pre-recording the Sunday Service on Friday afternoon in the sanctuary. The pre-recorded services were typically 25 to 35 minutes. They included prayer, meditation, a spiritual message and uplifting music performed by our music director, Greg Shupe. Our messages are typically created and delivered by our spiritual leader, Sandy Souder. Occasionally, guest speakers from our congregation as well as other Unity leaders present the service.

The pre-recorded Services were then posted on Facebook Sunday morning for public access at 10:00 AM. (https://www.facebook.com/www.unityspiritualcenterofcoastalde.org)

The Lessons Library Page is also updated later with a link to the Facebook video. Check out the Lessons Library Page in the dropdown menu below "Sunday Services" at the top of this and all other Pages.

Starting June 6th, we started live-streaming to Facebook on Sunday mornings. For June 6th and June 13th, these Sundays were without a congregation in attendance so the team could get some experience in the live-streaming.

Starting June 20th, we opened the Unity Spiritual Center so that everyone could safely, joyously return to physical attendance at our Unity Spiritual Center in Long Neck, DE

We observe the State's guidelines for social distancing etc. and continue to stress the safety of everyone who visits. The seats are spaced three feet apart, and we have plenty of room. The service generally follows a familiar pattern, but for awhile we will keep the offering basket on the table near the entrance. And other minor changes will be announced during the service.

It is requested that all attendees wear a mask. For video recording purposes, the people up front will not be masked while they are speaking at the lectern and providing music.

Masks and hand sanitizer are provided.

Everyone is encouraged to socialize outside of the USC prior to and following the service in order to maintain appropriate social distancing.

No food or drink is offered at this time, but everyone is welcome to bring their own coffee or beverage in an appropriate container to avoid spillage.